Citam Plus Zambia

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Who We Are

Community Initiative for Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Malaria plus related diseases (CITAM+) is a local Zambian NGO that was registered in June 2005 to help disseminate information on TB/HIV and AIDS co-infection through community sensitisation by members of the organization, most of whom have had TB and are now cured and some of whom are living with HIV and AIDS and have suffered from TB at one time or another in their life. 

Our Vision

To see a Zambia free from TB and HIV/AIDS and to have free universal access to treatment and diagnostics

Our Mission

To advocate for national access to information, treatment, care and support to people infected and affected by TB and HIV/AIDS in Zambia, with a special concern for those with drug resistant tuberculosis.

Our Goal

To build the capacity, establish and develop a platform of communication for affected communities, and build a grassroots campaign for TB and TB/HIV co-infected patients for proper treatment, care and support.

Our Objectives

To provide TB prevention information and sensitisation messages to the public through community sensitization. 

Help reduce stigma and discrimination associated with TB and TB/HIV co-infection through drama and testimonies by TB champions. 

Provide nutritional support to members. 

Advocate for paediatric TB/HIV treatment. 

Advocate for Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT), intensified case finding and infection control in congregate settings. 

To build the capacity of members in various life skills for self sustainability. 

To educate, train, promote and develop an understanding and commitment within all communities of development in TB treatment, care and support. 

To promote treatment literacy and emphasise the importance of treatment, drug adherence and good nutrition. 

To challenge by means of advocacy, lobbying and all forms of legitimate social mobilization, any type of discrimination relating to treatment of TB in the private and public sector. 

To support local, national, regional and international TB programmes and organizational networking to scale up TB disease control.