Citam Plus Zambia

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The Board and the Secretariat,                                                                                                    
The Secretariat is responsible for the overall management and day to day running of the affairs of the organisation and reports to the Board of Directors. 

The Secretariat is currently run by the Executive Director and has a Program Manager, Accountant, M & E Officer, Outreach Officer, Information Officer, Administration Officer and Office Assistant in post. 

Other positions remain vacant though volunteers are sub-contracted to fulfil duties of the vacant positions as and when required and subject to availability of funding. 

The Board meets quarterly to discuss the affairs of the organisation though in exceptional cases, they will meet as and when a meeting is called by the board chairperson. The Board members are responsible for ensuring that the organisation maintains its focus of work and meets its objectives as stated in the Constitution. 

The board is also responsible for approving the annual work-plan and budget, as well as formulating organisational policy. It comprises of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer, three committee members and two trustees.

 The Board is elected into office every two years by invitation.